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Respect My Red provides an awareness curriculum for students that aims to promote respectful relationships and prevent sexual harassment and misconduct. With your help, we can spread this program to 5,000 schools and organizations throughout the United States within the next two years.

We have the Right To Be Red!

Respect My Red tells us that we choose when someone can touch us, “get” with us, and “be” with us. We expect respect. Nothing–not age, race, religion, gender, economic status, ability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, sexual history–can change our Right To Be Red.


Respect My Red is an inclusive educational program that stimulates constructive discussion on what it means to give and receive respect. It also teaches the legality surrounding relationships and boundaries. The campaign’s ultimate objective is to empower its students to understand that they have absolute control over their own body and sexuality.

The curriculum is divided into developmentally appropriate categories. Elementary school students learn about how to establish their personal boundaries and how to show when they are a red light. Middle school students learn about respectful communication in relationships. High school students build self-confidence, learn about key laws regarding relationships and sexual issues, and build bystander intervention skills. College students learn about more complex relationship issues, such as consent and incapacitation. Athletes, sororities and fraternities, military bases, corporations, and youth groups receive training in situations applicable to their respective environments.

The program educates students on how to legally and respectfully gain consent, how to say and hear “no,” how to be an effective bystander, and how to form a culture of respect. The central premise of Respect My Red is that everyone is a “red light” and can only turn “green” if it is a conscious choice.  Respect My Red is fully supportive of all religious values and beliefs and is inclusive in regard to gender and sexual identity. Respect My Red does not support high risk sexual behaviors, but rather empowers its students to feel confident in the choices they make in relationships. Respect My Red is about the idea that no one—not a stranger, not an acquaintance, not a relative, and not a romantic partner—has the right to touch us without our consent.

Respect My Red Kits and Curricula

Respect My Red Kits provide ready-to-use sexual misconduct awareness and education tools for schools and campuses. Athletic programs, Greek organizations, community groups, corporations, and military bases are able to obtain special guides for their unique communities. The kits are designed to engage and empower their target audience.
Three Kits:

  • Respect My Red: Red Hour (Awareness Event/Program/Assembly)
  • Respect My Red: Red Day (Awareness Day)
  • Respect My Red: Red Week (Awareness Week)
Our Impact

In order to gain real evidence of the knowledge and awareness gained by implementing a Respect My Red program, we conduct surveys to assess students who have been instructed through a Respect My Red training program.  For example, after a “Red Hour,” students from one high school were tested on their ability to:

1. Define what constitutes a healthy and unhealthy relationship.
2. Understand what a proactive bystander is and the skills needed to be a proactive bystander.
3. Understand laws and definitions pertaining to sexual contact, consent, incapacitation, statutory rape, stalking, dating violence, and abusive relationships.
4. Define affirmative consent vs. coercion.
5. Identify the three reasons why someone legally cannot give consent to sexual contact.
6. Identify three ways to ask for consent from another person without creating discomfort.

From just one hour of instruction, the students were better able to both define and associate specific behaviors with sexual assault as demonstrated below:


In the above graph, it can be observed that after just one session of Respect My Red, students were better able to relate certain behaviors to sexual assault. These included: thinking that someone who dresses in a sexy way is interested in sex, pressuring someone to drink alcohol or take drugs, believing someone who has had sexual contact in the past will be okay with the same thing in the future, and ignoring someone else’s boundaries.


After one session of Respect My Red, students were clearly able to define sexual assault as having sexual contact with someone else without obtaining clear consent from someone who is able to give consent.

Learning Outcomes

The primary learning outcomes of the program are:

  1. Help participants to understand the laws and policies pertaining to sexual contact.
  2. Embolden participants speak up on behalf of themselves and their peers to say that RESPECT is the expectation within all relationships.
  3. Lower and eliminate the tolerance of rape myths, gender-based harassment, stalking, cyber-stalking, victim blaming, relationship abuse, sexual abuse, and other forms of sexual misconduct.
  4. Establish RESPECT as the fundamental expectation for all interpersonal interactions.
  5. Provide training to faculty, staff, administrators, coaches, advisors, and students on this concept and on bystander empowerment.
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