Topics Covered in Respect My Red

Promoting healthy relationships and respect.

Alcohol/Other Drugs

High school students learn the importance of realizing that when someone is drinking alcohol or under the influence of drugs, their ability to give consent is impaired and therefore not valid.

Bystander Intervention Training

High schoolers and college students in the day and week kits are trained in bystander intervention.


Everyone is automatically a “red light” and needs to decide for themselves when to turn “green.” Students need to understand that this involves giving affirmative consent, and one person not saying anything is not equivalent to consent.

Dating and Relationship Abuse

What do healthy relationships look like? What are the warning signs of unhealthy relationships?

Flirting v. Hurting

What constitutes flirtatious communication versus sexually harassing messages?

Gender Bullying

In a developmentally-appropriate way, students are taught harassment that enforces gender norms is unacceptable and not respectful.

Laws Regarding Relationships and Sexual Issues

For high school and college kit, each school is provided a hand out on laws and policies regarding sexual issues in their state.

Personal Boundaries

Younger students are explained the value of respecting personal space and boundaries amongst their classmates and peers.

Power and Control

Students learn about the power dynamics behind sexual violence.

Respectful Communication

In the technology era, it is imperative to teach our children what kind of communication is normal and at what point constant messaging becomes harassment.


With technology constantly at our fingertips and students plugged into an array of online portals, a firm distinction must be made between constant contact and unhealthy, stalking behaviors.

Sexual Assault

High school and college students will learn the specifics of sexual assault and how to prevent it by defining consent and understanding when people are able to give consent.

The Right to be a Red Light

Everyone is a “red light” and it is up to each person to decide when, where, and with whom they turn themselves “green.” Our program empowers students to understand they have 100% control over their own body and their own values at all times.

Respect my red because I cannot be controlled by others.

Yueran Q.

Hangzhou, China

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