RMR Philosophy and Inclusivity

Is RMR appropriate for Christian, Jewish and other faith-based schools?

Definitely. RMR has been hosted and attended by thousands of faith-based schools and their students from coast to coast.

Is RMR only for girls’ schools or coed schools?

No way! RMR has been hosted by all boys’ schools like Trinity-Pawling and the Phelps School.  RMR Institutes can be for just boys’ schools, girls’ schools, or a mix of schools.

Does RMR use profanity or other sexually explicit content?

Never. We don’t believe in using offensive language or graphic depictions. RMR curricula conforms with US and State Departments of Education guidelines for developmentally appropriate health education.

Is RMR inclusive for people from all backgrounds and identities?

Absolutely. The RMR team represents a wide array of religious beliefs, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities, and other demographics. We are from all over the country with different family backgrounds. We work diligently to make a match with your school’s community and values.

Does RMR address abortion or political issues?

No. We don’t “take sides” or “preach” about controversial issues. We pride ourselves on remaining neutral and sticking to the goal of educating students about healthy relationships.

How Can We Host RMR?

What does it cost to host RMR for just our school?

$500 and up. One hour of content via live web training starts at $1000. Onsite training starts at $2500. If you share your budget, we can provide options on how to maximize your impact.

We have a limited budget. Can we get a discount?

Yes. Let us know your date, program prefences, and budget range, and we will work work with you to develop the best program plan. We often help schools network with others in their geographical area to share costs, with up to 50% savings. We also offer shared online programs, such that several schools participate together in a live online presentation for a discounted fee.

We aren’t a school or a college, can we have RMR training?

Certainly! RMR is also for military bases, youth groups, corporations and faith-based institutions. We have training and curriculum tailored to each community.

RMR Social Media and Marketing

Do you have marketing materials, social media cards and other ways to help promote your RMR training?

Yes. We can create customized social media cards to help you market the training.

Can the press attend our RMR training?

Yes, just let us know. We welcome coverage of your RMR training so that we can help your school demonstrate its leadership and commitment. We can arrange for pre-program interviews, too.

Joining the RMR Team

How can I become a RMR trainer and presenter?

Apply! If you are interested in joining our team, please complete the application on our website.

Do you have internships?

Yes. We have limited spots available for our summer, winter and year-long internships. Please complete the application here.