Respect My Red makes respect the standard.

RMR educates students on respectful relationships and pro-social upstander skills.


Respect My Red means we all have the right to be treated like a red light regarding our personal space and bodies, until we decide to be a green light and allow someone into our space.

We teach children as young as 5 that no one should be able to touch them without their expressed permission. Children learn ownership and respect for their own selves and their right to voice their “yes” or “no.”

RMR is founded from research and experience with 3+ decades of training with 5000+ institutions throughout the US and around the world.


Our research and practice driven curricula produce quantitative and qualitative improvements on scores assessing knowledge, attitude, behaviors and upstander skills.

RMR fosters respectful community culture by increasing awareness and upstander engagement on sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, boundary crossing, and online harassment.

Participants understand how to stand firmly in their commitment to respectful boundaries, the importance of consent, and stepping in to intervene in prevention of harm to others.


RMR is a certification training program committed to being accessible and appropriate for all educational institutions, military bases, organizations, faith groups, and corporations. 

RMR utilizes our own core curricular model of Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior, Upstander Skills (KABU) and Brain-Heart balance methodology. We work with each host to customize the content to be developmentally and culturally appropriate for their participants.

RMR does not provide “sex education” or encourage sexual activity. RMR educates on the policies and legal standards around consent, coercion and incapacitation. 

Our philosophy can be likened to teaching the laws regarding substance use, underaged drinking and the risks around inhalants. We don’t expect people to start using alcohol and other drugs just because they understand the issues and the laws.

Respect My Red Selfie Frame on a College Campus to end Domestic Violence

Respect My Red because I love myself and I will not give in to pressure or have someone harm me.

Madison D.