The National Climate Survey on Gender, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

Institutions participating in RMR Training may utilize the National Climate Survey on Gender, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct. The survey provides a valuable baseline climate measure to improve understanding of student and employee experience. It can reveal hidden issues that may threaten community safety and well-being before they develop into major problems. Each institution receives its own summary report of the data.

Those using the survey have been able to more effective and efficiently address potential problems. Even schools going into the survey with no current or pressing concerns are able to affirm their commitment to core values, such as compassion and mutual respect.

The Survey does not ask for personally identifiable information about respondents, nor does it collect IP addresses from respondents. All results are confidential. The school administrator assigned to manage the survey process is the only person to receive the climate survey results for your school and only aggregate data will ever be shared. The survey is primarily designed to help strengthen the academic community and provide general data to help an institution design, develop, and teach school policies and practices to safeguard students and employees from sexual misconduct, including harassment and assault.

This climate survey was developed with the collaboration of over 25 of the preeminent researches and experts in the field. The survey identifies the types and nature of sexual misconduct and gender harassment experienced and witnessed by our community. It identifies the sources, locations and populations affected by harassment, stalking, dating abuse, relationship violence, sexual assault, gender discrimination, sexual exploitation, cyber-related sexual and gender harassment and rape. Additionally, it assesses knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and bystander skills related to sexual misconduct and gender harassment.

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